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Question and Answer Preschools - also known as Q&A Preschools- is the true definition of preschool. We serve ages 3 through 5 for half a day with limited full day options. At Q&A Preschools, we focus on inquiry based learning and literacy. This means we present information and challenge our little scholars through questioning to fully explore concepts. The goal is for every Q&A student is to leave with emergent literacy skills and/or to be able to encode and decode. Who says preschoolers can’t experience rigor?

Because there is no curriculum that could fully cover Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines and Kindergarten TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills), Q&A Preschools instead creates learning targets based on assessed knowledge to get scholars to school readiness. Q&A Preschools’ learning targets have been created by Texas certified teachers and educators. Q&A Preschools teachers are carefully selected based on their knowledge of Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, early childhood educational background, and receive continuous content knowledge development.

While academia is important, we at Q&A Preschools believe that learning through play is equally important. Within a Q&A Preschool, your little scholar will experience direct instruction in literacy and mathematics, enjoy art centers, technology centers, Spanish, dramatic play, physical education, and explore community and nature through thematic activities. In addition to indoor activities, every session will get outdoor play*.

At Q&A Preschools we believe in whole child development. We want every scholar to leave us with foundational skills for success in school and that includes the social, emotional, and the confidence of every scholar. To assist with social and emotional learning, every teacher is trained in the Sanford Harmony systems of classroom communities.

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