Academic School Year Programs

Q&A Preschool offers specific programming for tiny scholars

Early Preschool

Burleson Location

Q&A offers two early preschool classes at our Burleson location.

The tiniest of scholars are welcome to join our program at 12 months to 18 months.

Teacher to Scholar Ratio is 1:5

Must be 12 months by September 1st of the operating school year


Alvarado • Burleson

Q&A Preschools offers a Preschool 3 and Preschool 4 class.

Our program is partnered with Fort Davis ISD.

This partnership allows our scholars to be dually enrolled in program. Because of this partnership, Q&A Preschools is able to provide our scholars with the most highly qualified teaching staff. Our teachers are either Texas state certified, degreed, or credentialed in preschool.

Preschool 3 and 4 Teacher to Scholar Ratio is 1:8 with a 18 scholar class maximum

Must be 36 - 48 months by September 1st of the operating school year

Primary School


Q&A Preschools is a state approved private school seeking accreditation in 2026. Q&A Preschools offers

state certified teaching staff to its primary school scholars in a full day traditional setting.

Q&A Preschools only accepts kindergarten to second grade in our primary school. Scholars must be of age by September 1st of the operating school.

Scholars attend the Alvarado campus only.



Every Tuesday/Thursday OR Monday/Wednesday, Q&A Preschools Alvarado open it's doors to our homeschool community. Q&A calls this our Homeschool Partnership.

We seek to support families in their homeschool journey as each familiy builds a strong academic foundation. So that learning continues at home, Q&A's educators work with families and provide parents the tools , resources, and materials.


Q&A Preschools offers afterschool programming for the Alvarado ISD scholars. Our extended day programs closes at 6:30pm and provides supper for our scholars. Our program picks up from the local elementaries and will pick up the siblings of enrolled scholars up to 5th grade.

Choose the best for your tiny scholar!

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